Consulting & Talks

  • Sharing lessons learned for others to build on
  • Creating awareness of local and international resources and opportunities
  • Connecting communities and people

Start a project

Sharing our expertise and knowledge is fundamental to our mission. We are eager to impart lessons learned from successful projects, challenges experienced, and innovative solutions we have implemented in a format that suits your needs.

Our team has experience across a broad range of research areas and is embedded in various global and local communities of practice. Our diverse backgrounds and communities provide numerous opportunities to identify solutions implemented in seemingly unrelated disciplines and share across boundaries.


Contact us for one-on-one or small group consultation to identify training or innovation opportunities in your research, work, or teaching. We can also help with project conceptualisation and grant writing.

Previous projects have included consultations for research groups, university IT, research offices, libraries, global organisations, non-profits and more.

Presentations and webinars

We deliver presentations and webinars across a wide range of contexts and topics. Examples include:

 – Research data science tools, practices, and projects

 – Open science

 – Reproducible research

 – Communities of practice

 – Diversity and inclusion in research and data science

 – Our projects (afrimapr, RSSE Africa, and ESCALATOR, or past projects)

 – Mentorship

 – Training programmes

 – Much much more!

Panel discussions

Engaging with fellow or future researchers, data practitioners, and other audiences through conversation and debate enables us to share knowledge and grow. We have experience with facilitating and participating in panel discussions and assisting with design, identification of panellists, marketing, and more.