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Nomalungelo Maphanga

Project manager & Data Science Mentor

Nomalungelo Maphanga is a skilled, hard & smart-working driven professional with a BEng Chemical Engineering degree from the University of Pretoria. During her undergraduate career, she focused on the design, operation, control, optimisation and intensification of chemical processes using Python, which was informed by intense research. This also included data collection, data processing and analysis, and data presentation. Noma is a ready-to-learn problem solver with impeccable critical thinking skills.

Noma has grown from being a project administrator to project manager. She has mentored a wide range of audiences including high school learners and university students. Working as a high school teacher has deepened her passion for education and capacity and skills development. She believes that mentoring people always brings them a step closer to being the best they can be.

As a project manager, Noma understands the role that proper planning and execution plays in any project, which is why she strives for excellence in everything she does. Noma enjoys empowering people by transferring knowledge and skills and believes that as you help other people learn and grow, you grow exponentially.