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Anelda van der Walt

Director & Trainer

Talarify was founded by Anelda van der Walt.

Anelda obtained an MSc from the South African National Bioinformatics Institute in 2005. She has extensive experience in next generation sequencing data analysis on a variety of platforms. Due to the fact that she has studied and worked at several universities across South Africa, she has first-hand experience of the institutional variation in terms of infrastructure and support impacting the computational environments of research groups. Her network of collaborators and colleagues include biologists, bioinformaticians, digital humanists, engineers, systems administrators, software developers, tech entrepreneurs, and many more.

Anelda is committed to working with research organisations and research groups to help build the capacity and support efficient research in the 21st century. She also has a passion for mentoring early career researchers and postgraduate students and hopes her company will play a role in creating an awareness of alternative career options for young graduates.