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afrimapr: facilitating the use of spatial data in African public health operations and policy with reusable R software building blocks

This project will develop software building-blocks to facilitate the use of such spatial data, including the creation of web applications. We will use R -a top data-science language, ubiquitous within research and becoming more popular for operational programs. There is a growing data-science community in Africa with high potential to develop software tools to address local issues. The aim of this project is to support this group (and others) by developing these easily useable software building-blocks, which can be used to create tools relevant to local circumstances.

Wellcome Trust - Open Research Fund

Lead: Dr Andy South (Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, UK)

  • Dr Paula  Moraga, (Lancaster University, UK)
  • Dr Julie-Anne Tangena (Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, UK)
  • Dr Robin Lovelace (University of Leeds, UK)
  • Dr Margareth Gfrerer (Education Strategy Center, Ethiopia)

Previous Projects

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Reproducibility for Everyone - Content management

Talarify was contracted to assist with content development/management and website development for the global Reproducibility for Everyone project. The project aims to build capacity and shared resources that can aid researchers in life sciences with making their research more reproducible

Mozilla Science Mini Grants

Reproducibility for Everyone via eLife

Rural Campuses Connection Project (RCCPII)- Capacity Development Initiative

Since 2010 RCCP I and RCCP II have aimed to bring Internet connectivity to various higher education and research sites around South Africa.
In 2018/2019 Talarify was contracted to develop and manage the Capacity Development component of RCCPII.

South African Department of Higher Education and Training


North-West University eResearch Initiative

In 2015 the North-West University's IT department, in collaboration with the Deputy Vice Chancellor Research, Technology, and Innovation, set out to grow their ability to support researchers'  technology needs and abilities. Talarify was instrumental in conceptualising, developing, and implementing the first phase of the NWU eResearch Initiative

NWU IT Department

North-West University